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Lamaze with Judith Hagen Meadow

Are you interested in a Lamaze childbirth class in Norway? A Lamaze class is a weekend course where you will learn about the birthing process and how you and your partner can work together to make it a positive experience. The course also includes learning labor skills including breathing techniques. My Lamaze course focuses on instilling confidence and preparing couples to give birth. The course includes other childbirth preparation techniques from Penny Simkin, Elizabeth Bing, Michel Odent, Sheila Kitzinger, Janet Balaskas and Ina May Gaskin.

Norway is a wonderful country to have a baby in and I can help you prepare for that event. Many couples choose to take my course in Norwegian to learn more Norwegian childbirth terminology. But there is an increasing interest in classes held in English!

I have been a certified childbirth educator since 1994. My education and training are from the International Childbirth Education Association in the USA.

I recommend taking the course 3-6 weeks before your due date.

The courses in English are held in my home (Skogfaret 15) in Ås. Ås is located 30 km south of Oslo and is easily reached by car or train. The group size is 2-3 couples. Due to the continuing Covid-19 situation, I am offering a personalized course online (FaceTime, Zoom). This course is for only one couple at a time – a great offering! The total time is approximately 6 hours. An online private course like this can be completed on one day or over two days but I highly recommend using two days. The course will help you be well prepared. We will focus on what you are interested in knowing and learning. I look forward to helping you during a special time for us all as we continue to stay safe and healthy. Contact me about possible dates – I am very flexible and have weekend dates but also weekdays are possible.

If you need a Refresher Class, contact me about possible dates. A refresher course is for those of you who have taken my course before and are now expected another child! This is a 2-3 hour course and the dates are flexible.

You may contact me by email or telephone, if you have any questions!

Sign up by sending me an email with your names, due date and where you will be giving birth. Also include how you heard about this childbirth class in English.